This was truly one of the most incredible experiences that I hold dear to me. I was honored to lead these kids through yoga in their classroom. These are kids that come from poverty and some, far from ideal family environments, yet with positive reinforcement, love, compassion, empathy, guidance and support, they thrive. They engage. They enjoy learning!

I have learned and witnessed good people doing bad things because that is what they know. Even if they have the intellect to make a shift, they don't because of fear of losing all they know. Sometimes they are without the means to get the help they need or the strength in using their voice for fear of repercussion and judgement. The only constant is the comfort of falling back to what they know- impulsive thoughts and actions, addictive behaviors, unlawful actions all resulting in a chaotic, unhealthy, lonely, empty life. People are afraid of the unknown BUT the more we, as individuals and a community, do our part to provide support and education, change happens. It may not be overnight, but, it happens. And before we know it, when we look back, each baby step has led to leaps and bounds! A new way of thinking and being is possible for most.

The more we strip judgement and walk through life open-minded and no expectations, we unite. The more we extend a helping hand rather than pointing fingers, we unite. The more we talk less and listen more, we unite. The more we recognize there is more than one path to reach the same or similar outcome, we unite.

These kids give me hope that we will unite!

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