Hi all!

I welcome you into my world!  I use this platform with the intention to connect to others that would like encouragement and need to be uplifted and loved. We all have a story and a past and although that story may be different, often the feelings that result, are similar. I have learned over the years- the more I think of others, reach out, open up and give love, the more I feel I am living a meaningful life and making a difference. You are not alone. We are not alone. And, together, the more we act in such a way where we have nothing to prove and no need to hide, we will connect in more meaningful ways.

Throughout my blog you will come across useful tools and tips for yoga for surfing/surfers, personal experiences which have led me to yoga & surfing, insight & opinions...and, you very well may come across- sh*t & f$%k- the two words that, I believe, drive a point home! ;-) Take what you need, leave what doesn't serve you, and have yourself a badass day! Feel free to contact me with any questions. 

All my love,